Campus Improvement Team

The members of the Campus Improvement Team include faculty, parents, business, and community members. 

The CIT acts in an advisory capacity to the school administration team on decisions in the areas of goal setting, curriculum, budget, staffing, and organization. They will also monitor our Campus Improvement Plan. 

The CIT meets at least six (6) times per year.  Minutes from the meetings will be available in the front office and on the school website.  The current PTA President may attend CIT meetings but is not a member of the team.  He/she cannot take part in voting or reaching consensus.

2019-2020 CIT Members

  • Lynne Barry, MWE Principal
  • Erin Fry, Business Representative
  • Lori Dismukes, Teacher
  • Beth Keen, Teacher
  • Lindsey Eikenhorst, District Representative
  • Kimberly Hare, Teacher
  • Audrey Hollmann, Teacher
  • Stephanie Hruzek, Community Representative
  • Kathryn McCracken, Librarian
  • Pam Townsend, Parent
  • Leah Seewald, Parent
  • Jason Means, Parent
  • Rachel Odom, PTA
  • Sara Vasut, Parent
  • Melissa York, Parent
  • Resha Zazueta, Parent

2019-2020 CIT Agendas and Minutes

 Agenda August 28, 2019 Minutes August 28, 2019

 Agenda September 11, 2019 Minutes September 11, 2019

Agenda October 9, 2019 Minutes October 9, 2019

Agenda November 13, 2019 Minutes November 13, 2019

Agenda January 8, 2020 Minutes January 8, 2020

Agenda February 12, 2020 Minutes February 12, 2020