Principal's Message

Welcome to Meadow Wood Elementary!  It is our goal to ensure Every Child leaves MWE on track for post-secondary success.  We utilize best practices in literacy and numeracy to ensure our students reach their full potential.  We educate and mold the whole child by addressing social-emotional needs, critical thinking, problem solving, and grit.  Through Collective Greatness and Collaborative Spirit, we personalize learning experiences that provide opportunities to foster the unique needs and interests of our students. Our priority is providing students with high-quality teaching while meeting their social-emotional needs.  We want to ensure that Every Child leaves MWE prepared for secondary success, both academically and emotionally.  MWE is a safe and secure learning environment that values parent and family involvement and community engagement.  These goals and values inspire and shape our collective work.  We are proud to live the Spring Branch ISD core values as we walk with our students on their Learner’s Journey.